Postpartum Support Services

Life After a New Baby

The birth of a baby can be a life changing experience for the parents and other family members. A new or larger family is born after pregnancy, labor and birth. Sometimes the physical or mental health of a new mother or baby is compromised, and the parents need more help at home then they expected.


Many new parents are unaware of what constitutes normal growth and development, and normal postpartum recovery for the mother.


For example:

• Recovery from childbirth

• Responsibility of a dependent newborn

• Sleeplessness

• Emotional adjustment

• Mastery of infant feeding and care

• Understanding of and adjustment to the unique personality of their baby

• Organizing the household and nursery


In society today, many new parents find themselves unprepared for this transition and isolated from caring, knowledgeable helpers and advisors. In times past, new parents could easily depend on their own parents, family members and friends to assist them. While these resources are still available today, they become infrequent, due to great distances between new parents and loved ones and other demands on loved ones that take priority of the new family’s needs. Additionally, even if you are to secure some help, sometimes that help may need it for a longer time than what you are able to secure.

What Does a Postpartum Doula Do?

A postpartum doula focuses on the needs of the new mother as well as the newborn. She is there to nurture the mother by offering practical assistance as well as emotional support, enabling her to recover faster and feel more confident in meeting the challenges of having a new baby.


A postpartum doula is a mentor who answers your questions and provides much needed assurance in a gentle, non-judgmental way, allowing you to develop your own unique parenting style

Postpartum Support Services

Basic breastfeeding support 

Education on infant care including soothing and comforting skills

Support for emotional and physical recovery after childbirth

Foster family bonding

Spend time with the baby so family will have time to peacefully rest

Run errands and household organization

Organize nursery for optimal infant care

Shop for groceries and nutritious food preparation

Offer a listening, non-judgmental ear

Phone contact as needed

Postpartum packages are offered in 2 formats:

A la Cart – 4-hour minimum with 2-hour minimum visit time for $30.00 per hour


Postpartum package – 16-hours with 2-hour minimum visit time for $400.00 flat fee.