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Peaceful Candle
Mother Blessing Ceremony - $100


A Mother Blessing Ceremony is a beautiful and unique way to honor and celebrate the mother-to-be by spending time with her, sharing stories, and helping to alleviate fears of labor and motherhood and to instill confidence and strength within her spirit.


It is idealized after an old Navajo (native American) ceremony called a Blessingway, which celebrates a woman’s rite of passage into motherhood. There are several different ceremonies that can take place during the Mother Blessing. You may choose which type of ceremony you would like to have. Click on the Learn More button to learn more about what a Mother Blessing Ceremony is and what types of activities you can choose from.



Belly Casting Services - $50-75


What better way to commemorate your beautiful pregnant belly than to have it cast? While some women can't wait to see their toes again, others are entranced by the way their body has transformed to provide a safe haven for their growing little seed. 


Having your belly cast is also a great idea to use at your baby shower for a centerpiece or even as a photo for the baby shower invites. Once your belly is cast, you can either leave it plain or decorate it or have it decorated. 


It is a great piece of artwork made from you and your baby! Some women use the belly cast in newborn photos or to make a keepsake bowl for their new baby. Whatever you decide to do with your cast, you won't regret having it done!

Pregnancy Belly Casting
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